Open source

Completely available on GitHub under the Apache license. You can use it without any restriction for your commercial project!


Developed from the ground up with scalability in mind. You can scale up dozen of PortalTS instances without any problem!

The perfect tool for front-end developers!

Do you need to develop an AngularJS/React Web App? You are in the right place!

Projects using PortalTS

PortalTS is already used in production environment!

Ready-to-use modules

PortalTS comes with a set of ready-to-use modules implementing all the boring stuff!

User management

User registration and login, authentication, roles and groups, administration UI and JWT (Json-Web-Token) ready!


Send log to multiple files and to remote services like!

Persistence API

Save your data in the database directly from your Web App using the Backend-As-A-Service like PersistenceAPI


Need to create some static pages? The CMS module allows you to write the HTML of the page, directly from the Administration UI!